Twenty years ago, in 1993, the Boston Post Road Historic District was designated a National Historic Landmark. Ask the average citizen what this means and they will shrug. We all know what the 3 individual words mean – national, historic and landmark but all put together? That’s where you lose people. If we were to do our own version of Leno’s late night Jay-walking segment, these might be the answers we would get. National – that’s the easiest – important to every US citizen. Historic – a little tougher – it’s got one of those fancy plaques on it and they have velvet ropes, right? Landmark – this one’s the murkiest – the plaque is extra gi-normous, probably mounted on a large rock like Plymouth and the place gets the yellow highlighter treatment in Social Studies textbooks but here everyone is really just guessing.

This blog is about digging up lost stories of old Boston Post Road (aka The King’s Highway) beginning with the 286 acre stretch of land in my own backyard that was singled out as a National Historic Landmark, one of only about 2500 some odd sites in all of America. Further, this blog is about rediscovering the famous and not so famous people who lived and worked and raised families here (and beyond here) but not necessarily in chronological order. I hope you enjoy what I’ve found on my road trips (and the detours too.) And if you have any stories to add to the family histories recorded here, please let me know!

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